Kindergarten Adventures….11.2.16

Wominjeka everyone,

Today was Harvey’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARVEY!

This morning in the block area Olive, Lola, Niamh and Isabel started their play by building a large wall and I overheard a conversation when alex approached them “No boys allowed”. Alex said he wanted to play and seemed a bit sad. I intervened and asked the girls to think about what they had said and asked if it was fair. Immeditely Isabel said “I know it can be boys and girls playing” and Olive said “yeah no adults allowed” (they thought that was hilarious. I protested but their decision was final, at least Alex was allowed to play.

Xavier, Sully and Kyle built “a city where there is buildings and houses” with the smaller blocks in the block area. We asked how you could tell which one’s were houses and which were buildings… “The houses have a triangle at the top and a block at the bottom” answered Sully.

The connect four game was used in variety of ways today…Evie and Eva “filled up all the holes” whilst Harvey taught Adele and Amelia how to play “his way” where we raced each other to fill up one colomn at a time. “Last one’s means one for you and one for me” commented Harvey as we had two counters left. Later Amelia and Coco played yet another version of the game.

Evie shared her knowledge in “how to make stars” on the lightbox. “Can you teach me?” asked Eva. “So you get these and put them like this…” begun Evie as she role modelled what to do. “I made a star!” said Eva proudly once completing it.

Phoebe, Alex, Olive and
Lola were focussed on making “a cubby that was no too big so only two people fit at a time”. They fetched some blankets and balanced them over pieces of furniture “which kept slipping” commented Olive. “We need something to hold it down” suggested Olive as she tried some cushions on the ends. “We need something to stick it” suggested Alex. Masking tape did the trick. Lola was tucked into bed by Phoebe and covered in a blanket.

Our body drawing continued today with the children looking closely at their skin colour and choosing and mixing colours that closely matched. This came about after a comment this week when children noticed different colours of skin in our room. We drew around Sully’s body and he matched his skin colour and carefully painted his whole body but decided to paint his shoes red. Xavier and Jemma thought it was very funny when we traced around their soft toys – they were funny shapes. Phoebe came and joined in and painted her body her skin colour taking great care to only paint on the paper. Alex and Lola joined in too.


Thanks to Amelia and Lola for filling up most of the water bottles today.










Bye for now Amanda and Adele.

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