Kindergarten Adventures….12.2.16

Wominjeka everyone,

It’s been a morning filled with exploration of ideas such as creating “homes” with blocks, putting soft toys on “leads”, making of play dough into machinery and painting of skin colours on our body outlines.

Lola and Chloe enjoyed some quieter space on the couch with books this morning as they commented Lola. “Don’t you like pink?” replied Chloe.

Kyle and Xavier have been spending lots of time over the last few weeks building in the block area. Today they created “their home” where they “looked after their animals” which were a soft toy dog and cat with string tied around their necks. “They are on leads so they don’t run away” commented Xavier.

Eoin and Mali requested some play dough to be made and why not do it yourself! Adele provided the ingredients and they mixed, kneaded and chose the colour blue. They used a variety of objects from around the room to make a “machine with buttons and tubes”. Eoin explained that the dough “held things together”.

Ollie, Jeevan, Xavier, Kyle and Harvey sat together and decided on creating a “ninja turtle sewer” after negotiations about which turtle they could be during their game. They sat together with a large piece of paper and spoke with one another about what they were going to add to “the map”. Jeevan shared he was creating a “big pizza because Michaelangelo loves pizza”. “These are the pipes and shredder is stopping the turtles from the pizza at the end” said Ollie. Harvey watched his friends closely and asked questions.

We checked out our skin colour and tried to match it by mixing paints so we could paint our body outlines. Madeleine, Mali, Xavier, Coco, Ollie, Evie, Jeevan and Olivia continued to work on their pieces. Madeleine laughed when she saw her pigtails, and Ollie had a yellow curly halo of hair. Jeevan wanted black for his hair and Coco wanted a dark brown so we mixed a little black witih the dark brown.

Outside Henny, Evie, Phoebe and Coco were cooking in the sandpit making a delicious sticky fudge cake with honey on the top. Meanwhile Adele worked with Kyle Xavier Jeevan and Ollie trimmed the branches off our bottle brush tree that died a few weeks ago and started painting it using the Aboriginal flag colours.

Thank you to Chloe for feeding the fish today.

Have a gret weekend everyone, see you next week.

Amanda and Adele.

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