Kindergarten Adventures….15.2.16

Wominjeka everyone,

Amanda was unwell today (we hope you get better soon) so Adriana was in the room alongside Helen. The children as a whole were full of energy and egar to engage in play with one another.

Sully brought in a measuring tape and set to work measuring various objects around the room. The first stop was the divider. Sully asked me to hold one end, and he held the other. Sully said “wow that’s long!” Sully then decided to go around the room, and measure the length of various objects, he recurited Mali this time to help him.

Eoin who was in the block corner, said, “Look I’m making an aeroplane, I’ve been on an aeroplane to ireland. My cousin Hazel lives there.” Eoin continued to build with the large blocks along with Oscar, Sully and Mali. All four shared their ideas, to create an intricate structure. Oscar and Sully decided to use a clyinder to talk to one another, by holding it to their ears, and making funny sounds! The group then decided to go and play in other areas of the room.

Eoin joined Louis, Mali, Lola and Sully at the art table. Lola asked “when are the rabbits coming?”. “Some time soon Lola” I said. Louis asked “are rabbits coming today?” we then continued on a conversation about what the baby rabbits are called and when we could hold them. “I can draw a rabbit” said Louis “me too” said Mali and Eoin, so that is what they did!

Over at the round table, Henrietta, Chloe, Isabelle and Alex were busy helping each other to complete a large puzzle, Henrietta says “we need lots of helpers, this is tricky.” Isabelle connected some pieces together on the table before placing them onto the puzzle. “Look, I put lots of pieces in the puzzle,” says Isabelle.

Olive and Ollie engaged in a short game of connect four. Olive said “this side is the brother and this side is the sister” “yeah” said Oliver. They took it in turns to place the piece in the holes and it was a quick game because before you know it, they said “finished” and off they went. A little later on Olive and Ollie came to play connect four once more, however this time, they ran into a problem. They both wanted to do different things. After a brief chat Olive decided that it “was both of our fault” and Ollie agreed so off they went to play another game in the block area.

Speaking of problem solving skills, Maddy and Olivia had decided to lay out the pillows so that they could do some excerise. They both spoke with one another, and decided that Olivia would be on the pillows, and Maddy would be on the couch. The game lasted for a short while as we ran into some trouble, when a picture frame broke! Helen to the resecure with some trusty sticky tape, the frame was fixed!

Thanks to Jeevan and Phoebe for filling our drink bottles. Phoebe noticed that Maddy’s drink bottle was missing thanks for you’re observational skills Phobe. Once Jeevan had finished his task, he went over to the art table where he created himself a cape and said he was “spiderman”.

Thank you also to Chloe for feeding the fish today.

Adriana and Helen.

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