Kindergarten Adventures….25.2.16


Wominjeka everyone,

Another exciting rabbit kind of start to our day today. The kittens are starting to open their eyes and move about, we saw some grey ones adventuring out this morning and we saw sophie licking one of them. She is doing a great job looking after five babies.

Isabel was creating some delicious food in the home corner with our green playdouhg, she had some peas in the fry pan and then decided to make some gravy. Niamh came to join us and decided to make a square of playdough. A square pizza?

Sully and Kyle were using the dominos as badies in their game this morning. When I enquired about what made them bad Sully said “they eat boys” and Kyle said “no no no, they bite us” Phew. Anyway they captured them.

There has been a few games of teachers lately and Alex was with Lola, Chloe and Evie and Alex said “does anybody want to ask a question?” and Evie said “look at this new book we have everyone, looking eyes”. “It’s sleep time everyone give my books back”. Apparently they are babies so they laid down with pillows and blankets.

We have some new library books today and at our first Grouptime Olive chose Stanleys Stick, a book with lots of illiteration so we got to practice our ‘s’ sounds. The last stick Stanley had was called fantastick – very funny. Then we used a rhyming game to transition to lunch. We were rhyming silly words with our names since the children were referring to me as Amanda Panda. Alex Dalex, Lola bola, Evie beevie, Niamh leeve, Kyle tryal, etc.

Phoebe was painting a picture “of my brothers ship” today and “these lines are the skulls on the ship”, impressive. When Jemma finshed her painting this morning we wanted to write her name on the back so she spelt it out so we could write it down. Jemma and Alex also used the keyboards to spell each others names which then lead to “writing emails”. Jemma informed us that “emails were to tell what you are doing tomorrow”.

Harvey and Eva were playing hwith the upper and lower case duplo letters today but they all had personalities and were playing games together, Phoebe and Niamh came to play with the letters but Niamh wanted to make use the letters to make long, long words and I had to read them. She made it almost impossible with words like ‘gifaqibriix’. Lola held up an ‘L’ and asked “what do I do when I turn it upside down?” I think maybe she was wondering if it made a different letter.

Olive and Alex used the silver collage pieces to create “people” today. Chloe soon joined in and Olive made her a “person”. “Let’s put straws on them for puppets!” sugested Olive. Soon enough they were building a puppet show which turned into travelling to “South America” whilst sitting under our bamboo branches.

Thanks to Harvey and Amelia and later Eva for filling up all the water bottles, and to Lola for feeding our fish.

Until next time…

Amanda and Adele.

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