Discoverers daily adventures!

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

General information:

  • Today’s Educators:
    Sheridyn, Teagan, and Lan
  • Planning 8:30am – 11:30am covered by Julie-Anne, Kylie, and Maria
  • We also have a student in the room, her name is Mee, please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself! :) She will spend a total of 8 days with us over the next 2 weeks.
  • A friendly reminder that we are still waiting on 8 families to bring in or put together a family photo collage for our wall! We have noticed many children looking at their peers photos and listening to stories of families, siblings, and holidays and we are sure they would be delighted to be included on the wall! We understand it can be difficult to get to a printer if you don’t have ready access to one in which case please email your photos to Merri and we can print them for you here! J ( )


What we ate today:

  • Morning tea: Fresh seasonal fruit. Milk / water to drink.
  • Lunch: spaghetti bolognese with bread
  • Afternoon tea: antipasto platter with flat bread and Milk/water to drink.


Our day:

Wominjeka everyone! We had a busy morning today with the planning educators! We were also reminded to make sure we wish Amanda H (Cooker) farewell as today is her last day at Merri, her maternity leave starts tomorrow! Luckily the children have had that crossover from Amanda to Chen and are now familiar with Chen bringing in in the trolley for food and saying a quick hello. Not to mention his delicious cooking!!

Luke and Henry began their discovering day by donning some dress ups and becoming police officers on a break to the shops! They looked very smart in their tops and sunglasses. Luke also had a useful handbag while Henry multi tasked by also looking after a baby! Lincoln immediately warmed to our student Mee as he recruited her as his main book reader for the morning. They talked about the different animals they could see in the book. Lucy stopped by the puzzles table to complete the ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ puzzle and shared her achievement with everyone by smiling. Sofia took on the challenge of the spinning top toy, and spent a long while pushing down on the bar to make it spin on the floor. Great perseverance! Lucy and Maya got their creative sides out as a team as they did a texta drawing apposite each other then they ventured to the painting table as a team where they did some colourful paintings together. Lucia surprised no one when she spent a lot of her morning reading books both indoors and out. She appeared happy to sit and read through books independently but also joined for a few smaller groups to be read to by adults. Luke had a play with the jellyfish and held it up, wiggling it around, he said “octopus, swimming in water!”

We headed outside despite the cold (well, colder than we are currently used to!!) to enjoy some fresh air and the outdoors. We saw a group of discoverers in the fire engine, and Lucy explained “we’re going to the castle!” Ezra was exploring the garden when he found a bug on a piece of bark. He sat and watched the bug, and shared with those around him “a spider, look!” Lenny spent some time sat the plastic activity table, figuring out how all the buttons and levers work. He was able to identify the colours of the buttons e.g. “green, purple, green, purple” as he pushed them in. Mark of course found a truck to play with! He pushed the garbage truck around, following Rio from the Explorers room. He then found a small car up on the decking and pushed it on the table, making siren sounds “nee naw nee naw”. Albert found the large polar bear toy and brought it inside to play with at the table. He stuck his finger in the bears mouth and said “ouch, polar bear bit me!”

After lunch we had an impromptu music time where the children chose to use clapping sticks or not, and we danced around the room while singing the Aboriginal song “inanay” then we marched to “the ants go marching” as the children have learnt this one from Hey Dee Ho on Mondays in Term 1.

That’s about all for now, Sheridyn, Teagan, Lan, Mee, and all the children.

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