Discoverers daily adventures!

Wednesday 30th March 2016

General information:

  • Today’s Educators:
    Julie-Anne, Maria, Sheridyn, and Effie
  • Julie-Anne covering Adrianna, Maria will be covering Teagan, Effie covering Sheridyn’s office time until 2.30.
  • A friendly reminder that we are still waiting on 5 families to bring in or put together a family photo collage for our wall! We have noticed many children looking at their peers photos and listening to stories of families, siblings, and holidays and we are sure they would be delighted to be included on the wall! We understand it can be difficult to get to a printer if you don’t have ready access to one in which case please email your photos to Merri and we can print them for you here! J ( )


What we ate today:

  • Morning tea: Fresh seasonal fruit. Milk / water to drink.
  • Lunch: Beef Macaroni, with water to drink
  • Afternoon tea: Cheese and Tomato scones, milk/water to drink.


Our day:

Wominjeka everyone!

This morning we started off our day with an extended play in the Explorer’s room, where we had morning tea together before heading back to our room for our daily adventure to begin! Albert and Sidney practiced cause and effect as they both moved the beads around the magnetic boards. Sidney continued concentrating intently on completing the transport puzzle and once finished, Sidney “flew” the aeroplane piece through the sky, before landing it back into the puzzle for safe landing.

Meanwhile, Lincoln carried grapes and other foods in his handbag, offering Julie-Anne some to eat, before kindly offering some to his peers too. Georgia and Lenny manipulated the new playdough, squishing, poking, rolling and cutting it to their liking. Ezra extended his interest in dinosaurs, by looking through and having the dinosaur story book read to him and roaring with the toy dinosaurs in the room. He later told Effie “I make house dinosaur!” as he put together fences and roofs for the dinosaurs to go into. Georgia and Maya cooked up a storm dressed as chefs, as they baked cakes, fed each other and even made, what Georgia described as “fruit soup!” Lucia, Albert, Henry and Lenny sat cosily listening to stories being read by Julie-Anne, once a story book was finished, they were quick to put the book back on the shelf and ask “Another one?” Sidney, Caspar and Ezra swapped ideas over the playdough table as Sidney said he was making a “snake”, prompting Caspar and Ezra to roll the dough into a snake as well. Caspar said he was “rolling” it so they all started rolling and Ezra said he was making a “digger”, manipulating the dough to represent his thinking. Just before settling down for lunch, Julie-Anne shared some special books that she brought in and all of The Discoverer’s were very interested in listening to What’s In the Deep Blue Sea. Georgia, Sidney and Lucia identified many of the sea creatures depicted in the story, whilst Henry excitedly exclaimed “Ooh, it’s dark in there and I can see the Jelly fish hiding there!” great spotting Henry! All of the Discoverer’s settled for lunch, as it was our very favourite, pasta! We eagerly made our way outside for a well deserved play, whereby all of the Discoverer’s practiced balancing, climbing, jumping and turn taking on the obstacle course, as well as actively exploring the sandpit. After a busy morning, all of the Discoverer’s settled down for a rest/sleep, recharging our energy for this afternoon’s continuation of adventures and fun!

That’s all for now from The Discoverer’s room team and until tomorrow goodbye!

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