Inventors Room Daily Adventures

Wednesday 31st March 2016


General information:

  • Educators today are Chrys, Kathleen & Effie (Kathleen’s office time)


Today’s ‘QEEAP’ (food):

  • MORNING TEA:         Fresh fruit & milk
  • LUNCH:             Beef, Pumpkin, & feta pasta Salad
  • AFTERNOON TEA:     Mango sponge with custard

Our day:

(welcome!) Biladu-njan-warr? (How
you?) Today all the murn-murn-dik (girls) and wayalak (boys) returned from the Easter Break and we were a full group again.

We observed lots of role playing over in the dramatic play and book area this morning. Rory and Abbey
C were pretending to be a mum and baby with them both negotiating times to play each of the roles. At first Rory took on the baby role, lying down whilst Abbey C read him a book. Then Abbey C became the baby and lay down, calling out. “Mummy, I want my toy!” Rory replied by saying “I’ll get it after the story, alright baby?” Once he had finished, he said “I’ll pat you now” as he began to pat Abbey C to sleep.

Tom observed a nail partly poking out from the notice board and asked to fix it. Kathleen suggested they could get it out if they had a hammer, so Tom went with her to the office to find a hammer. When he returned he assisted Effie to pull the nail out. Tom then asked if he could take some of the chip board home, before investigating the room for any more repairs that were needed. Flynn and Rufus assisted Tom by improvising with spatulas and cars to smooth out the paint on the wall, then using a car to roll the plaster, and using a rolling pin to hammer any small holes shut! Once these ‘tasks’ were done, Tom, Rufus and Flynn continued to extend on their creative imaginations by becoming dogs, puppies and even a police dog. Rufus and Flynn crawled around the room barking whilst Tom looked for bowls he could use to feed them out of before taking them to the park… “so they can listen to me!” he told us.

Luca sat at the playdough table with Chrys this morning and watched as she poked holes into the dough. Luca smiled as he began to gently poke his finger into the dough also. Luca then picked up some of the plastic playdough scissors. “Orange. Green” he said as he held each out to show us.

The drawing table was very busy this morning as Abbey
C, Abby P, Matilda, Frankie and Rory all spent some time creating some wonderful masterpieces. Abby P said she had drawn a dog and a cat on her page for her mum and dad, and Frankie said she was taking her picture home for her family. Felix joined the table once there was a place available and tried to hide what he was drawing by leaning right over his paper because it was a surprise!

After a little while, Rory headed to the painting table where he mixed the different coloured paints together. Matilda then decided she would like to do a painting also and she carefully applied some paint to her page and then gently pressed 2 fingers onto the paint and looked to see how much paint was on there. “What are you going to do now Matilda?” Chrys asked her. Matilda smiled and then pressed her fingers onto the paper again to create 2 small dots. Again she looked at her fingers to asses if she had enough paint, before doing it again.

We headed outdoors mid-morning and some of the children decided they wanted to go to the zoo on a bus, so they all sat along the plank that was between the 2 a-frames, and bounced up and down as they headed on their journey. Felix decided he would be the traffic controller and called out ‘red light’ or ‘green light’ to alert his friends when it was time for the bus to stop and go again. The bus was so loud with its engine ‘brrrm brrrming’ that Felix had to call out the colour of the lights quite loudly so he could be heard and so the bus wouldn’t have a crash! Once they arrived at the zoo most of the children got off the bus and headed off to see the animals around the yard. Abby P and Frankie pretended to be some monkeys by hanging upside down from the a-frames and swinging like Jimmy Monkey! Abbey C climbed up and over the a-frame calling out ‘you can’t catch me!’ to the monkeys below.

Abigail announced she was having twins in 2 weeks! Effie asked what she was going to do with them and Abigail replied “Umm, I’ll have 5 of them and just put them in cots. Lots and lots of cots!” We are sure there will be lots and lots of cots with 5 sets of twins! (congrats on becoming grandparents so soon and to sooooo many Julie and Rhys!)

In the sand pit, Abby P, Tom and Frankie made rainbow cakes for their birthdays. Abby P said she was decorating hers with ‘icing, sprinkles and smiles!’ Sounds very delicious! Also in the sandpit, Rufus was pushing the truck along in the sand to create a road. “It’s a bit hard to push it, cos there is so much sand!” he declared.

To finish up for today we wanted to share a funny story that occurred this morning. Effie announced that she was going to leave the room to go to the bathroom, and Frankie asked “Are you going to come back?” Effie replied jokingly, “Yes I am Frankie, unless I fall in and get flushed down the toilet and end up in the ocean” Frankie giggled and smiled coyly and Effie as she headed out the door. Abigail then added, “She’ll get flushed to the treatment plant!” This then lead to a brief discussion on what a treatment plant is and how whatever we flush down the toilet will end up at the treatment plant to make it safe before being sent out to sea. Thankfully, Effie returned not long later and the children were relieved she didn’t end up at the treatment plant after all!


Ngoon-godgin (thankyou) for taking the time to read our daily adventures. Please feel free to come and have a yarn with us about what happened this afternoon or anything else.

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