Discoverers daily adventures!

Friday 1st April 2016

General information:

  • Today’s Educators:
    Adriana, Teagan and Sheridyn.
  • Mee the student has been in Wednesday Thursday and Friday this week, then everyday next week, feel free to say hi.

What we ate today:

  • Morning tea: Fresh seasonal fruit. Milk / water to drink.
  • Lunch: chicken enchiladas with rice, with water to drink
  • Afternoon tea: fruit salad and yoghurt, water to drink.

Our day:

Wominjeka everyone!

Being school holidays, we have had a smaller groups of children in the mornings so extending our grouping with the Explorers room, then our mob grew as slowly everyone arrived. We offered indoor outdoor from the get go this morning, as it was fresh but actually very nice!! Sophie, after some morning tea in the Explorers room, ventured out on to the decking and in to the Discoverers room to find some play dough! She spent quite a while here, several times throughout the day, using the scissors to cut slices in the dough and the rollers to make it flat again. She was joined by Charlie and Christopher briefly, as well as some Explorer peers. Later on, Georgia spent some time at the playdough using the scissors, she also found a squeaky dog toy and enjoyed squeezing it to make some noise! Mark had a go at the hammering for a short while but of course was lured outside by the vehicles, he loves his trucks! When it was time for Adriana to change his nappy, Mark didn’t want to leave the truck behind so he drove it along the ground around the yard and up the steps, all the way to the bathroom!!

Charlie joined Leon in the sandpit this morning, and after a cuddle with Sheridyn to feel comfortable, he informed us that he was going to “make a sand castle!” Charlie filled up a bucket with sand and tipped it upside down, but the sand was so dry that it didn’t stick together. I suggested to Charlie to dig deeper in the sand to find the wet stuff. He then dug deeper and found some damp sand, and was excited by this, told me “wet sand!!” he then added it to his bucket, tipped it over again, then declared “a sand castle!!” Satisfied with this, Charlie then decided to make “Strawberry cake”.

Oscar spied a fire truck on a shelf in the shed. He asked me “fire truck?” so I got it down for him, Sidney also appeared to want a vehicle so I found him an orange truck. Oscar and Sidney then pushed these along the ground, following each other around the yard. Charlie witnessed this and took the opportunity to ask for “a digger!” which he also received. Later, when Caspar arrived, he found the large fire truck and pointed out that it was “big” compared to the “small” fire truck that he had in his hand from inside. He then sat amongst all the vehicles he could find, taking turns to push them. Sidney made his way down the side and spent some time at the ball run. He pushed a ball through the top, and it got stuck in the first drop so he pushed it through again. “it’s going down, whoa!” Sidney said.

Back in the Explorers room, Sylvie was enjoying doing some dancing with Anna and the Explorers. She also had a go at a few of the cause and effect toys, taking the opportunity to engage in something easy yet fun. One of the buttons is kind of broken though so one was a bit tricky, luckily Sylvie persevered! Christopher also did some dancing and jumping in here, very excited to see his Friday peers after last week’s public holiday! Christopher offered lots of cuddles this morning to say hello to his peers. Oscar enjoyed checking out the different vehicles that the Explorers room has to offer, as well at the different ramp / car park. He found a red car, I asked if it was fast or slow, and Oscar said it was a “slow car”.

Allison, Georgia’s mum, visited us today to do some egg painting. Albert and Georgia were first to have a go and probably would have spent all day here if we didn’t have to change nappies and explore outside!! Allison role modelled how to hold the egg steady, paint it, add glitter, add stickers, and other shiny things. Georgia added lots of blue glitter while Albert chose the larger red sparkles. Madeleine was next up to have a turn and was happy to put on a smock to protect her clothes from the paint. Madeleine shared with her peers today about her upcoming trip to San Francisco (tonight!) which we are all excited hear about upon her return! A few other children had a turn at egg decorating as well, hopefully they will be dry by home time to take home.

Lunch today was chicken enchiladas with rice and bread. Chen served it separately so the children were able to choose how much of what they wanted, of course everyone loves the bread, but Charlie and Sylvie also ate up almost 3 bowls of the rice and enchilada mix each! Caspar asked for “a roly poly” which means to have his food wrapped up in the bread. The bread was a bit too small though he made a great effort of trying!

That families, is a snap shot of some of the things the children have been up to today. Feel free to have a yarn at pick up time. Enjoy your day.

Adriana, Sheridyn, Teagan and the mob.

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