Inventors Room Daily Adventures

Friday 1st April 2016


General information:

  • Educators today are Chrys & Kathleen


Today’s ‘QEEAP’ (food):

  • MORNING TEA:         Fresh fruit & milk
  • LUNCH:             Chicken Enchiladas with Mexican rice & water
  • AFTERNOON TEA:     Yoghurt and fruit salad & water

Our day:

(welcome!) Biladu-njan-warr? (How
you?) While progressive morning tea was happening at one of the tables, Isabel was proudly showing her peers the book she brought in from home – ‘Peppa’s first glasses’ – and then asked Chrys if she would read it. Rory and Isla joined them on the couch, with Abbey and Flynn coming to stand next to the couch to listen. When they got to the page where the characters jump in puddles, Chrys asked what shoes you wear when you jump in puddles. As the crew sat silently (although we suspect they knew the answer!), Vaughan from the fairy table called out, “Gumboots!” and then raced over to the couch where he again declared, “Gumboots!” As the story continued, Peppa visited an optician, who assessed if she needed glasses. Chrys explained how some eyes are not as strong as others and then asked who was wearing glasses in the inventors room? After looking at each other, and some prompting from Kathleen, Isla declared, “Chrys!” As Peppa tried on some glasses, Chrys graciously let the inventors children try on her glasses, so they could act out the story they just read! Isabel told us about going to see the optician with her brother Leon and having her eyes tested as well.

Tom asked Kathleen if she could help him with the digger puzzle and they sat down on the mat in the book area. Rory, Rufus, Isla and Isabel asked if they could help too and they each selected some pieces the wanted to do. Kathleen prompted the children about looking for certain pieces such as edges or pieces that matched parts of the picture. Isla encouraged her peers that needed some help by pointing out where the puzzle piece belongs. Everyone also practised patience while we took one turn at a time.

Over in the dramatic play area, there was lots of sorting and rearranging of the ice cream shop items. Flynn decided he wanted to make an ice cream car so with the help of Vaughan, Abbey and Rufus, they lined up some chairs and set up basket of shop items and then each selected where they were going to sit and set off on an ice cream adventure. Tom wanted to join in a got another chair which he placed at the front of the line. “Hey, I am the driver. You can’t go there!” Flynn protested. “But I want to play too!” Tom said. It was suggested that Tom ask if he can join in at the other end of their car. “Sure. You can go here.” Rufus said pointing to a spare chair behind him.

Some of the children were keen to head outdoors this morning, so after applying their own sunscreen (and some of the children looking like snowmen with the amount of sunscreen they applied!) Oliver headed straight to the sand pit where he filled a tray with sand and shook it from side to side until all the sand had fallen off. He then filled an old sauce bottle with sand and said he was making a saucy milkshake!

Abbey and Rory discovered the rocking horses around the side of the kinder room. They placed them beside each other and rode to shops to get some food for the horses. “You need to put your feet on there!” Abbey told Rory pointing to the side of the horse. “Oh ok! Off we go!” Rory replied. After riding for a few minutes they ran off to the sand pit to make some cakes for their horses.

Jai discovered some of the dress ups outdoors and asked to put on the sparkly purple fairy dress so he could go to a party in the sandpit.


Ngoon-godgin (thankyou) for taking the time to read our daily adventures. Please feel free to come and have a yarn with us about what happened this afternoon or anything else.

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