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April 6th 2016

General information:

  • Today’s Educators:
    Adriana, Teagan, Effie and Sheridyn. (Sheridyn was in the office 9-2.30)
  • As it is now getting colder and wetter please ensure you bring in a beanie, jacket and appropriate footwear for your child to head outdoors.
  • Families there are some forms that need to be signed please check near the sign in/out book if you are on the list and sign. If you are unsure please see a staff member.
  • Just a friendly reminder to please bring in your family collage we are almost all done and would love to have it complete soon.
  • Mee (student) is in everyday this week, she is studying her certificate three in early childhood. Please feel free to say hi.
  • We have some spots available for extra days this week if you would like an extra day please feel free to contact Shirley or Helen in the office to arrange.
  • We are in the process of organising a visit from a garbage truck, the day that is most suitable at this stage is a Friday, nothing is set in concrete yet however if your child is not in on this day please chat to an educator about coming along if you would like.

What we ate today:

  • Morning tea: Fresh seasonal fruit. Milk / water to drink.
  • Lunch: salmon quiche with bean salad, water to drink.
  • Afternoon tea: anti past platter with flat bread. Milk/water to dink

Our day:

Wominjeka everyone! As I arrived this morning and morning tea was on offer as the children pleased, I opened up the door to begin our indoor outdoor program, however reminded children to make sure they stay up on the decking as it is raining, Sylvie got her rain coat and explained ‘I can go in the rain with this jacket!’, unfortunately not everyone had rain jackets so we couldn’t go in the rain, so she settled for reading a book on the couch outside, which Maya, Lincoln and Lenny also joined in to listen in on, Lincoln then climbed down where he found some trains and track pieces to create a track. Albert and Caspar opted to have morning tea together, Caspar instigated ‘cheers’ as they bumped their cups together saying ‘cheers’ they would then both laugh hysterically. Upon finishing Albert made his way to book area where he joined Georgia, Ezra and Sidney who got comfortable on our new couch to listen to stories read by Effie. Maya later joined in, choosing the book ‘dirty birty’ for Effie to read, upon finishing Maya declared ‘I eat my bogies!’ Georgia agreed, ‘me too’ Effie asked what it tastes like which Georgia laughed explained ‘like jelly!’. Upon arriving this morning Henry sat with Adriana helping her to complete the large floor puzzle, he enjoyed naming the various animals he could see, Sidney overheard animals from the book corner so came to check out what it was he asked ‘that a farm?!’ To complete the puzzle, it was a bit of a group effort, with Sylvie, Ezra, Maya and Lenny all coming to help Adriana and Henry at various times. Albert sat nearby using the fences to build a tower, he stacked them all on top of one another. The explorers then opened up their door so we did indoor outdoor between the two rooms. Sidney made his way straight for their train area, while Maya and Sylvie engaged in the sandpit, when some spilled out Maya took her initiative to sweep it up! Thanks Maya. Caspar experimented with the tap using trial and error to figure out how it worked while Ezra put on octopus’s legs and enjoyed showing everyone ‘octopus!’. Lenny, Albert, Henry, Georgia and Lincoln all stood at the blind on the decking watching as the rain would fall onto it and create drips, they would scream excitedly as they flinched thinking it might hit them!

We then went on a walk to the staff room to make some ice! On the way we went to all the other rooms to check out their new couches, to observe we all got the same couch! We then went into the staff room where we filled some gloves with water, the children then took it in turns to put some glitter in and we then put it into the freezer, we will hope they are frozen by this afternoon so the children can gain a better understanding of ice and how it works. Please ask an educator upon pick up how this went.

Thanks for reading about our day, Teagan, Adriana, Effie, Sheridyn and the mob!

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