Explorers Daily Adventures- Friday 8th April 2016


General Messages

  • Please bring in your family photo for our Family Tree wall feature if you have not bring in one.
  • Hey Dee Ho would be on Wednesdays from 4pm starting next week during Term 2.
  • We have Maria to cover Anna’s RDO today



  • Fresh fruit with milk
  • Chile Con Carne, serve with water
  • Savoury Pikelets serve with milk


Welcome to Friday in the Explorers room! We are thankful that we had a great day on the Wurundjeri land, and we acknowledge that the Wurundjeri people were here before on the same land.

What a lovely start to the day, children came in slowly in the morning, and we started progressive morning tea inside. Children are getting better to ‘tell’ us what they need. Once we asked for anyone for morning tea, Sassy, Tilman, Anjali and Myra all went down to the bathroom door and got ready to wash their hands. We are also very proud to see our children Alex, Myra, Sassy and the others knew where to throw their used paper towel into the recycling bin! Tilman pointed out the fruit scrapes on the floor to Angela, and Angela asked him to sweep it. Tilman went and got the brush and dust pan straight away. He helped Maria around and swept scraps and sand away. Great help, Tilman!

After morning tea children washed their hands again and got off to play. Leon was in love with the new jungle experience at the table, he took all the animals out and lined them all up at the edge of the table.

Myra was interested in the water tub with the baby dolls. She helped Fiona to change the water and when she saw the fresh bubbly soapy water, she called excitedly, “Bubbles, big bubbles!” Later on, Leon and Anjali also joined in the water fun!

We changed some of our books on the shelf and children seemed enjoy ‘reading’ their own choice of book today. Isla picked one up on the ground and turned some pages, Sassy, Myra, Anjali all read some books also.

Isaac and Amity were interested in the water play with the dolls, they were splashing the lovely soapy water all over the tub and our mirror may look a bit shinier today as a result too.

We all got sunscreen on and went outside. Tilman and Isaac went straight to the climbing equipment, they easily managed to make their way across the planks and frames. Not far away Alex was in the tunnel and he enjoyed looking out through the plastic and seeing what his peers were doing. His next adventure was to walk along the bridge. The tunnel wasn’t free too long as Amity climbed in and out several times without any bother.

Isla was at the ball run with a blue ball but wasn’t ready yet to put the ball down the tube preferring to taste it. Isla then had a turn on the rocking horse alongside Myra. Isaac was busy vacuuming the decking and Explorers room before lunch with the little vacuum. Sassy was in the discoverers room checking out the doctor equipment activity that’s set up in that room. She was also drawing at the table with lots of coloured textas.

It was then time to wash our hands for lunch and the children all progressively went to the bathroom, washed their hands and found a seat for lunch. It was yummy as all the children had at least two bowls of lunch.

When the cleaning up was done the children all sat with Fiona to sing some songs. Amity suggested “ba ba” to Fiona and “all day long” so they sung all the children’s favourites.

That was about our busy morning, thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Fiona, Angela, Maria and the Explorers

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