Inventors Room Daily Adventures

Thursday 7th April 2016


General information:

  • Educators today are Chrys and Effie (covering Kathleen’s office time)

Today’s ‘QEEAP’ (food):

  • MORNING TEA:         Fresh fruit & milk
  • LUNCH:             Cheesy Chicken Macaroni
  • AFTERNOON TEA:     Raisin Bread

Our day:

(welcome!) again to the daily report from the Inventors team. Today we started off the morning with indoor play. Isla and Isabel were reading -The little mouse, the big strawberry and the big hungry bear. Isla said “One size for me and one size for you (half). Isabel laughs and says “The end”.


At the playdough table Abbey held a magnifying glass against a jar containing roses. Kylie asked “Did you see or find anything in there? “Yes a frog” Abbey replied.


When Joan arrived she took a few volunteer helpers outside to set up the yard. Oliver: Swept the yard with a small broom.

Vaughan: Requested a key to unlock the shed
and Flynn returned the key.

Rory and Abbey helped set up the sandpit. Jinx stayed inside cutting playdough into small pieces.


Rufus came in a little later today. He started his day sitting with Abbey at morning tea, where he told her about coming to Merri on the tram with his Nona. “It’s just one stop”! Jai arrived a bit later today too. He excitedly told us that he made a train with his dad before coming to Merri.


Isabel and Rufus extended the shop today into a supermarket with a shelf and boxes from the big basket. As they arranged the boxes they indicated the contents with the pictures and some of the letters.


During our indoor and outdoor time most of the children chose to play outside.

Vaughan and Flynn made a bolognaise sauce with carrots and added ingredients from the boxes they bought at the shop. Abbey announced “The boxes are empty”. Rory helped Abbey to fill them with tan bark. Then they went to the bus (plank) to take the shopping home.

Rufus and Flynn rode their motorbikes (large wooden blocks). Rufus said “come on we have to put a fire out”. “Brrmmmm Brrrr” said Flynn as he
rode away. “We need to stop for the red light. Okay it’s green we can go now”. They ride their motor bikes to the end of the yard with Rufus yelling out ” emergency emergency.”


Jinx called Joan to tell her the brown spoon was stuck in a container. “How do you think we could get it out” asked Joan. “It’s not wide enough” indicated Jinx.

“How about we squeeze the top to make it wider” suggested Joan. Later, Jinx was observed showing and explaining to Rory how to squeeze the container to get the spoon out.


Oliver and Rufus were observed making a plan for building with the large blocks. Oliver explained he was going to build 2 lines of blocks all the way to the gate.

Joan asked “How many blocks do you think you will need.” Oliver indicated “I think that will take 100 blocks”


After Lunch, the group has a story, based on Wombat stew, with soft toys and natural materials (No book). All the children took turns at placing items into the stew. Some of the ingredients included Gumnuts, leaves and herbs. We all had a smell of the mint, basil and lime leaves. Many of the group said they had mint growing at home. Vaughan in particular indicated that there are lots of different herbs at his house. If any of the families have herbs or smelly plants, please bring them in for us.


After such a great morning, we all settled down for a well-deserved rest. We look forward to seeing what adventures and new experiences the afternoon brings us. Thank you for reading about our day in The Inventors room and we look forward to seeing you all this afternoon. Goodbye for now from The Inventors room team.


To find out more information about this afternoon, please have a yarn with one of the Inventors educators.

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