Explorers Daily Adventures Monday 11th April

General Messages

  • Please bring in your family photo for our Family Tree wall feature if you have not bring in one.
  • Hey Dee Ho would be on Wednesdays from 4pm starting next week during Term 2.
  • We have Julie Anne to cover Fiona RDO



  • Fresh fruit with milk
  • Salmon and Pumpkin Risotto
  • Peach and yoghurt slice


Welcome to Friday in the Explorers room! We are thankful that we had a great day on the Wurundjeri land, and we acknowledge that the Wurundjeri people were here before on the same land.

The children are showing a real interest in cars and trains so today I continued with the children’s interest but modified this experience with a different track and borrowed the mountain from the Inventors room. This large play space saw a continual rotation of children, once it was setup Alessio, Dante, Tahlia, Anjali Sam and Tilman engaged with the experience. Pushing trains along the track and over the humps as well as using the mountain for the cars to go up and down through the tunnel. When Tennyson arrived he saw where all his peers were and heard the excitement and joined in the play. D’Artagnan collected five cars and lined them up onto the track. The children shared this floor space quite well but did play separately using their own ideas. Dante did recognize the truck from the other small cars and proceeded to slide it down the mountain.

Rio arrived with a couple of his own special storybooks from home. Anna sat in book corner and read ‘Pip and Posy-The Big Red Balloon’ by Axel Scheffler and ‘Bill and Ben characters from Thomas the tank engine to the explorers. Thank you for bringing in your stories Rio during the morning Rio initiated that he wanted to sing ‘Row, Row your Boat ‘ The other explorers sat on the mat with him and Anna, then everyone started to sing !At the same time they did all the hand holding and rocking motions together .Tahlia and Alessio were a pair joining in this activity as Tahlia instigated holding hands

Tennyson was walking around the room carrying a shopping bag on each arm, Julie Anne asked what did he buy? Tennyson replied what sounded like train, when Julie Anne looked in his bag Tennyson had a train in it. This play enticed the other children to get bags and place objects that they found in the room and popped them into their shopping bag. We all walked around the room pretending we were shopping and buy fruit and vegetables. After our shopping we sat down and pretended to eat some of the food we brought.

After all the shopping Allison decided to have some quite time investigating on how to use the locks, hooks and latches experience, she got stuck with one of the locks but that was quite tricky.

Tilman enjoyed some one on one with Angela, he chose a book for Angela to read, Tilman pointed at the objects in the book and Angela would name the object. Nearby Sam and Dante washed the dolls, this experience also saw a continual rotation of children.

After lunch we had a special helper to wipe the tables and sweep up the floor, thank you once again Tilman.

That is all for today from Angela, Julie Anne, Anna and the mob.

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