Inventors Room Daily Adventures

Monday 11th April 2016


General information:

  • Educators today are Chrys, Kathleen and Effie (covering Kathleen at inservice), Michelle and Sophie.
  • This term Heydeho will be on Wednesdays and KellySports on Thursdays. Please check the notice board in the hallway for session times.

Today’s ‘QEEAP’ (food):

  • MORNING TEA:         Fresh fruit & milk
  • LUNCH:             Salmon and pumpkin risotto
  • AFTERNOON TEA:     Peach and yoghurt slice

Our day:

(welcome!) again to the daily report from the Inventors team. Today we started off the morning with indoor play. We had all our friends return from their holidays and heard lots of tales of their adventures. Everyone was excited to see their friend, Elliott who told us all about going on aeroplanes and ferries in Hong Kong. Chrys said she was disappointed she didn’t get to go too, and Elliott replied, “I can take you next week!”

Rufus was telling Effie about his adventures. “You know, I went on the Thomas train. 2 times!” Effie asked where the Thomas train was and he replied, “It’s in the forest, deep, deep, in the forest. You need to drive there and sit in the car. It’s a bit far away. You can go there too, Effie. On Thomas!” Effie was excited at this prospect.

Tom headed to the art easel where he used lots of paint to create an interesting pink and green painting that covered the whole page. Once, he was finished, Matilda and Abby then wanted a turn. They talked to each other as they set about painting their pictures and called for assistance when they needed help to hang it out on the drying rack. Whilst Chrys was helping Abby hang hers outside, Matilda decided to apply paint to her hands and scare them with it when they came back inside, by being a paint monster!

Some of the children wanted to go outside, so Rufus, Abigail and Abby went with Chrys to check the UV rating on the computer in the foyer, and played a game of ring-a-ring-a-rosie in the foyer whilst waiting. Once we found the information, they very helpful in helping to wipe of the board so we could put today’s UV info on the board for everyone to see.

Once we put on our sunscreen we headed outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. Felix asked for the diggers to be put in the sandpit, and then dug for treasure. “When I find it, I’m going to take it home!” Rory and Matilda also used the diggers to make some big holes for their trucks to drive through. Also in the sandpit was our resident Yeti hunter, May who was warning her friends to ‘be careful of the Yetis! Chrys helped her dig a hole to bury the yetis in because according to May yetis like to live deep in the snow. She instead on wearing the swimming goggles to protect herself.

Vaughan, Tom and Elliott were chasing imaginary monsters around the yard and using the brooms to sweep them all up into the bin! Perhaps it was May’s Yeti they were chasing?

On the tan bark area, Luca was playing chasey with Sophie. He would carefully sneak up on her and then giggle as he ran away from her repeatedly. Abby was showing us how she could hang upside down on the a-frame and pick up her hat each time it fell off.

Rory and Abby were buying things from Matilda’s shop over on the decking area. “Can I help you?” Matilda asked. “What would you like?” Rory and Abby gave their orders and Matilda ensured she scanned all the groceries and gave them change after they paid. “Next please!” she called out when they had finished. They then put on some dress ups and role played different characters. Rory looked like a sea monster with the Hawaiian skirt on his head.

To find out more information about this afternoon, please have a yarn with one of the Inventors educators.

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