Explorers Daily Adventures Tuesday 12th April

General Messages

  • Please bring in your family photo for our Family Tree wall feature if you have not bring in one.
  • Hey Dee Ho would be on Wednesdays from 4pm starting next week during Term 2.
  • We have been on planning from 8.30-11.30 and planning girls are Julie Anne, Michelle and Kylie.




  • Fresh fruit with milk
  • Spinach and Feta slice with baked beans
  • Fruit cake with milk


Welcome to Tuesday in the Explorers room! We are thankful that we had a great day on the Wurundjeri land, and we acknowledge that the Wurundjeri people were here before on the same land.

These are the things that your children were all engaged in with today. Planning girls passed on the messages to Fiona, Angela and Anna.

The morning was busy with the children engaging at the experiences of their choice and interest. At the moment the children have shown a real interest in auto mobiles, music, dancing dress ups, books, sensory activities and imaginary play.

Anjali really knows how to use her imaginative skills, she placed the pop activity onto the train tracks placed bags on her arms and sat on the activity board and was waving bye to the educators like she was sitting on the train. Rio was in front of the I Pod shaking the shakers to the music he was then joined by Leon who was wearing a purple hat.

The playdough was a very active area where there was a large group of children manipulating the playdough. Tilman, Frankie, Myra, Mira, Anjali and Leon spent a lengthy period pulling, squashing and banging the playdough. Billie enjoyed some time rocking back and forth on the rocking horse, we think she has mastered this skill. Billie was then joined by Mira who sat on the other rocking horse. The two children were facing each other and as they were rocking quite hard they looked at each other and laughed.

Alex and Tilman decided to go into empty lockers and played peek a boo with each other. Tilman would pop his head out of the locker and look at Alex, Alex started laughing which encouraged Tilman to continue this game.

Myra and Leon had some quiet time on the couch looking at some books, earlier in the morning Rio picked one of his favourite books for Kylie to read.

Frankie helped the educators to bring the chairs to the tables to set up for lunch. Thank you for your help Frankie.

Julie Anne, Kylie and Michelle said the children enjoyed their lunch so thank you Chen.

That is all for today we hope the weather stays fine this afternoon so we can go outside for a play.

Fiona, Angela, Anna, Julie Anne, Kylie, Michelle and the Mob (children)

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