Explorers Daily Adventures Wednesday 13th April


General Messages

  • Please bring in your family photo for our Family Tree wall feature if you have not bring in one.
  • Hey Dee Ho would be on Wednesdays from 4pm starting Today!
  • We would also have the bin truck visiting us this Friday 15th April from 10am onward.


  • Fresh fruit with milk
  • Beef Lasagne / Vegetarian pasta, serve with water
  • Yoghurt with fruit salad, serve with water


Welcome to Wednesday in the Explorers room! We are thankful that we had a great day on the Wurundjeri land, and we acknowledge that the Wurundjeri people were here before on the same land.

It was such a nice day today. We had full house of eleven children, busy but all of them were happy and engaged with our learning experiences in the room. We served morning tea progressively according to children’s needs. Children were asked if they want some and they would wash their hands with some help. More and more children are able to use cup for drinking now, we are very proud to see them grow every day!

In the morning, Sam was playing the locks activity board and he opened each flaps and named all of the animals he saw. Alessio, Myra, Isaac and Allison were all around the big train tracks pushing a vehicle each. Later on, Dante came and joined the game. Some of them pushed the train downhill and some of them push their along the track. Rio also joined later and he commented “Going to the hill.” while he pushed a train up. What a great fun we had with a big group of friends!

Later on, Alessio, Dante, Sam, Myra and Amity all found something to dress up. Myra and Amity found a hat each and Amity was playing peek-a-boo with Julie-Anne; while the boys were dressing up as privates with some scarfs. Myra, Dante and Alessio also collected some small handbag and waved ‘goodbye’ to us to go shopping.

We got everyone sun screened up and everyone was very keen to go outside for some sunshine. The children all waited for their hat under the hat rack. Great job, everyone! Tennyson went over to a trolley straight away and pushed it around the yard. Louie climbed on the obstacle course first and he ‘asked’ Fiona to watch him getting through.

We saw Sassy was in the sandpit filling up pots and bowls and she was ‘feeding’ a toy caterpillar as well. Later on Alessio, Dante and Tennyson all joined in the sand pit for some ‘cooking’. Alessio picked up a big pot and started to fill it up; while Tennyson offered a plate of ‘pasta’ to Fiona. “Um, yum!” Fiona replied.

Myra touched the wind chine when she walked pass, and she listened to the sound and seemed enjoyed it. Rio spotted a big basketball and took it all the way to the ring, he also tried to throw it in with his tippy toe, and he did it! Isaac also tried once, and it didn’t go in. Then he tried it again, and did it! Yay for some ball fun!

Allison and Tennyson were busy picking up small balls down the other side next to the ball run. They took turns put balls in the tunnel and watched the ball rolling down.

Soon after it was lunch time, children enjoyed it a lot and we nearly finished the whole tray. Thanks again Chen for your lovely cooking!

Before bedtime, Fiona had a small story time with the children. She brought in a book with a big mouth hand puppet called Boris. Children took turns to say ‘hello’ and patted Boris. Later on they also offered Boris different things to eat, and Boris would only take food. At the end Boris gave kisses to all the children before they went to bed. Children really enjoyed they story with Boris.

That was all about our busy morning, and Rachael from Hey Dee Ho would come in to our room from 4.00 – 4.30pm this afternoon. Bye for now.


From Fiona, Anna, Angela and our Explorers

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