Merri CCC&K has a policy of running incursions throughout the whole year. This is where we bring events and special programs into the Centre at no additional cost to our families.

We aim for all children to have access to the incursions we offer hence we alternate the presentation days every Term.

Incursions we offer:

  • Rhythm Rumble
  • Wild Action Zoo come to you – Australian animals and reptiles
  • Seaweed Sally
  • Melbourne Museum Visit – Dinosaurs and Fossils
  • Rabbit Rearing Program
  • Victorian Police visits
  • Family visits
  • In-House Silky Bantams
  • Monty Boori Pryor
  • Luth Wolff – “Big tops and Tiny Tots”
  • “Ananse Stories” with Sam Derchie
  • Tales from the dreamtime
  • “Rubbish” to Mic Conway
  • Dreamer in space
  • Tooth Fairy