From 1st July 2018:

  • Our daily fee per child, per day will be $122* (part time).
  • Our daily fee for full time care per day, per child will be $120 a day ($600 per week).

Fees are charged daily, and accounts are payable on a weekly and/or fortnightly basis. BPAY, Direct Debit and cheques payment methods are preferred. We do not accept cash.

*All fees are subject to change as per the Committee of Management’s Discretion.

Child Care Subsidy

The centrepiece of the package is the Child Care Subsidy. The Child Care Subsidy commenced in July 2018.


  • replaces the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) with a single, means-tested subsidy
  • is paid directly to service providers to be passed on to families
  • is simpler than the current multi-payment system
  • is better targeted and provide more assistance to low and middle income families. Families earning $66,958^ or less will receive a subsidy of 85 per cent of the actual fee charged (up to 85 per cent of an hourly fee cap). For family incomes above $66,958^, the subsidy gradually decreases to 20 per cent when family income reaches $341,248^. For families with incomes of $351,248^ or more, the subsidy is zero per cent.


Click here to see the brochure:  New Child Care Package Overview

See this link for more information:  https://www.education.gov.au/new-child-care-package-information-resources-families