2018 Childcare place available IN 3-4 ROOM

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Merri  Receives the Highest Quality Assessment Possible

Merri’s management and staff have always been mindful that high quality child care can make a huge difference to a child’s early development.

It is a great acknowledgement of years of work to have the National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Report for the centre come back with top marks.

Merri achieved the best possible result of  “Exceeding the National Quality Standard”.

Well done to all staff, management, parents and everyone who has contributed to the centre over the years.


Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for your dedication and organisation in running a smooth ship this year.  We so appreciate your hard work and have enjoyed becoming part of the Merri community.  Merri has given our son such a great start to his education, we cant thank you all enough for facilitating this…”


“…. From a crying child at drop off each day, we now have a kid who runs down the corridor to see you all!  We don’t know how you do it but we are so very grateful for what you do.  Thanks you for always looking after each of the little ‘darlings’ as if they were your own.  it means so much to us…”


“We chose to send our children to Merri, a small community-based centre, after being in a privately operated centre and we couldn’t be happier. The staff are wonderful and most have been at Merri for quite a while, there have been no issues with constantly leaving our children with unknown temporary staff which was the case at our previous centre. The children receive a wonderful range of cooked, nutritious meals thanks to the centre’s cook. Our kids have loved their time at Merri!”


“Merri is very well managed, as well as welcoming – I’ve got such confidence in it that I never give a second thought to whether I’m happy to leave my daughter there.”


“My children love going to Merri. On these days it is comforting for me to know they are being well looked after with lots of cuddles from the staff, plus being a working Mum it is great to know they are eating a healthy lunch, so dinner time can be a little bit easier at the end of the day.”


“I like the multicultural things they do – the food, learning about other cultures and countries, even learning sign language sometimes!”